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Light fantasy
Light fantasy

Light fantasy

Light fantasy, is a bright lantern in fantasy style, designed to tell and represent fairy tales and fantastic stories, that children themselves can create through the lantern light. It becomes a means to play for smaller, giving the child the opportunity to create as if their fantastic plots, leading to customize your own lantern, which with the addition of lighting effects, creates an atmosphere in the home the real magic.
The lantern is aimed at a target of going from three years up to thirteen.
The lantern is made mainly of high strength fabric, and security for those who use it; it consists of a central body shaped cloth, which incorporates the fantastic scenery of castles or special settings derived from fables. When installing the lamp, it is part of the first in the central part of the bulb with support and power, in the second stage is arranged in a circular manner, the shaped fabric that closes with simple snaps. In these two phases of construction of the lantern, the child must have the support of an adult. Once you placed the central body of the lantern, the third stage and play properly, because together with the bulb, there will be the cloth figurines magnetized characters of great stories that the child has chosen.
The cloth figurines, can be placed all around the light lantern, the most imaginative, and creating on whether the plots, because the characters, represented in cloth figurines, there will be comics with slate in which the child can write.
The lantern light once completed, with its characters, will create lighting effects.
The innovation of the proposed project is to create the environment for customized lamps, and unique, following their imagination. The light lantern, has a quick production method, which takes two main working material: colored felt often to the central body, colorful pannolenci for cloth figurines.
The fabrics are photo etched and shaped by laser cutting machine, the main machine for the production of the lamps. Moreover, the same lantern in its main building, can be hung and become a decoration for walls, and an imaginative takes photos. Creativity, is the possibility of being able to create different light lanterns, based on fantastic stories that strike the imagination of children, with the help of fabrics that give personality to the product. The quality is given by the precision machining with the cutting laser, which confers fluidity expressed in vector graphics in the design of the lantern.

Light fantasy

Masia Giovanni Paolo

My name is Giovanni Paolo Masia and my course of study covers various creative spheres: I graduated in graphic design and photography and graduated in stage design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sassari. After these studies, I deepened the interest in computer graphics and design, taking the title of multimedia technician. Continuing on this path, I qualified as an Interaction Designer at the Faculty of Architecture in Alghero and I have done a work internship at the Domus Academy in Milano.
Simultaneously I am cultivating my other great passion, fashion, thorough attending the school of Art and Fashion of Sassari. My goal is to combine my knowledge in technical-scientific field with a passion for art, design and fashion. Being a digital craftsman allows me to combine all these interests.

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