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Robot Alfred
Robot Alfred

Robot Alfred

ALFRED is a social robot designed to operate in public environments, like shopping centers, airports, hotels, etc.
Its main purpose is to assist people that needs for help or information, guide them or bring them to a certain location, acting as a butler.
It have not an anthropomorphic shape but size and volumes of the robot resemble those of a human to suggest natural human-like interactions (such as, using speech or gestures).
The structure is erect and curved ahead to have a servile aspect.
One main objective of this design was to create a robust and light structure for the components that at th same time stimulates interactions from users.

Robot Alfred

Roberto Tino

Roberto Tino, born in 1986, began his career as a designer from he was a child, curiosity on objects functioning leads him to break, take apart and reassemble everything he found around.
This inclination has led him to a course of studies at the Faculty of Architecture "L. Quaroni" - “La Sapienza” where he graduated in Industrial Design in 2009 and in Product Design in 2012.
In 2010 he participates at the study program "Erasmus" in Lisbon for a period of 11 months. He continues his stay in Portugal the following year by establishing relationships with local companies.
Back in Rome, where he still lives, he works as a freelance in the field of design, architecture, engineering, robotics and photography.
He collaborates with different realities, but at the same time undertake research studies.
In 2014 he was assistant at the Faculty of Architecture of Rome for different courses of Product Design and collaborates with the Faculty of Computer Engineering with which designs and makes robots prototypes.

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