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BIG BAND, l'allenamento funzionale nella nuova era.
BIG BAND, l'allenamento funzionale nella nuova era.

BIG BAND, l'allenamento funzionale nella nuova era.

The BigBand system is a function training system. The system is composed from a central pin connected to many rubber bands where each athlete is connected. Many type of connection are available : waist, chest, ankle, wrist ... Each athlete is stimulated through an exercise, depending on the specific sport, to produce an unpredictable force to the pin which redistribute these force to other athletes connected.
This system of forces produce a dynamical excercise to develop explosive power development and training of the proprioceptive system of each athlete thus increasing sports performances.
The main pin is equipped with an hardware device (IOT) that monitor, among others parameters, the force exerted by each athlete and stream these parameters to a cloud service where data are elaborated, aggregated and evaluated according to a specific algorithm to asses the work done by each user. Data are then stored in the social platform linked with the device.

Isabella Cristaudo, Maria Chiara Scaramuccia

Isabella Cristaudo is a physical trainer with a M.S. in Physical Education and Sport Sciences.
She has an expertise in the application on sport sciences with professional athletes (basketball, tennis, volley). She has a lot of experience in developing innovative systems to develop gamified sports performances.

Maria Chiara Scaramuccia is a coach in woman basketball team (A-2 second italian league). She has an expertise in applying innovative methods to develop explosive power and applying new tecniques in sport training.

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