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BY-entO srl is an innovative startup from Piacenza which breeds insects using high quality row materials that show deep nutritive values to obtain macro molecules of interest for the agronomics, chemicals and industrials. Nutritive supplements and cosmetics represent our offer. BY-entO researches and develops new formula for the health and the human wellness using proteins and lipids derivated from insects, omega-3 and omega-6, linoleic acid and others fractions. The industrial by-products will be used for others products that are now analysed by BY-entO.
Our productive system is a network of breeding modules, "BY-entO Breeding Unit", self-sufficient thanks to the use of renawable energies, addressed to the farmers interested in diversifying their incomes for the valorization of the agricultural sector. In this way it is possible to create new job with a great social impact, meeting the environmentally needs.
The breeding unit is also used for the production of feed inserted into a franchising model. The target market of this second SBU is the aquaculture in extra EU countries, especially in Africa where we have some stakeholder.


Francesco Meles, Irina Vetere

We have different and diversified background and knowledge which can contribute together to create an enterprise. The experience, the changement and the openess, as our values, are fundamental for our personal growth and for the business. "To do" is one of the main guideline that make us more responsable as risk owners as we are. Our creativity and problem solving skills are important to learn from the mistakes and to exploit from them.

  A23 (pav. 6)
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