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New functional food: pre-probiotic fruit juice tablet

New functional food: pre-probiotic fruit juice tablet

The main goal of the project is to produce new functional non-dairy based tablets that can be usefull for the clamant market demand.
The tablets produced consist of probiotic coltures, prebiotics and fruit juices obtaining a final product healthy, tasty and suitable also for lactose intolerant.
All the productive process is based on low cost and environmental impact technologies.
Moreover in response to the growing Sicilian citrus demand on the international market, the promotion of this new functional non-dairy food, could be very interesting allowing at the same time the growth of Sicilian factories.


New functional food: pre-probiotic fruit juice tablet


" SCIENCE 4 LIFE " company, directed by the Prof. Giacomo Dugo, is a spin - off of the University of Messina founded in 2014. Its main goal is to develop and market functional foods through the identification of nutraceutical molecules, that can be used for improving foods such as olive oil , wine , coffee , juices , flours , etc. The products, resulting from the scientific research and technological development by Science4Life in collaboration with the University of Messina, are obtained by using Sicilian agro-food products.

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