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TooWheels - Opensource wheelchair
TooWheels - Opensource wheelchair

TooWheels - Opensource wheelchair

Toowheels is an open source wheelchair, design to be completely diy. The project is born like a sport-wheelchair, but is now converted for different activity. In this year I developed a big net of collaboration with fablabs, makerspace, and the fablabfundation all over the world, replicating the project in different country and codesign new solutions.
Tw was awarded this year with the Compasso d'Oro ADI design, one of the most important awards in Italy and the world.

TooWheels - Opensource wheelchair

Alessio Fabrizio

Fabrizio Alessio ( Rivoli - Turin - 1986) is a designer and Maker. Graduate in Industrial Design and Eco-design , and associated with FabLab Torino , apply to his projects the technical skills in materials and his knowhow of crafting and business planning. Lover of manufacturing and materials, after a degree in Eco - design has started as freelance in the field of business planning, design and realization of prototypes, and like a start-upper in different project of hight content design and constantly looking for innovative responses.

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