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hubotics, Robotics for Human Beings
hubotics, Robotics for Human Beings

hubotics, Robotics for Human Beings

Hubotics is a wearable upper-limbs exoskeleton for motor disabled people. The project is mainly addressed to people who need continuous and intensive rehabilitation by means of repetitive movements, but can not afford to go daily to health-care centers or to buy the expensive devices available on the market.
Thanks to the use of 3D printing, off-the-shelves components and open-source hardware and software, the system can be easily customized to the needs of different users, both in terms of design both in terms of rehabilitation programs.

hubotics, Robotics for Human Beings

Luca Randazzo, Chiara Randazzo, Roberto Rossi

The team is composed of the siblings Luca Randazzo and Chiara Randazzo, (29 and 27 years-old) and by Roberto Rossi (28 years-old).

Luca studied Computer Engineering in Catania and Mechatronics Eng. at Politenico di Torino; during his Master Eng., he participated in a joint program of excellence (Alta Scuola Politecnica) which provided him with a double degree in Automation Eng. from Politecnico di Milano. He developed his Master’s thesis at the NASA/Caltech Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the laboratory where NASA has created and developed the three generations of planetary rovers (Sojourner, Spirit & Opportunity and Curiosity) that have been sent to Mars.
Currently, he works as a PhD researcher at EPFL in Lausanne where he is developing an EEG-controlled hand exoskeleton for human motor rehabilitation.

Chiara is a super active and positive person, optimist by nature. She daily works with children with cognitive and motor disorders, constantly trying to design activities to involve them in their environments and social circles and to help them in actively partecipating and directing their daily lives.

Roberto graduated in Mechanics Eng. at Politecnico di Milano and he’s currently completing his PhD there, working on autonomous manipulation by means of aerial drones equipped with robotic arms.

The project “hubotics” was born in their minds when they realized that their passions could indeed have turned into something useful for helping people. Since three years they have been working and brainstorming trying to create low-cost robotic devices for assisting impaired people in activities of daily living.

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