Exhibitors 2016

Hand skate

We have designed and created a skate hybrid (ie between scooter and skate) that will allow, movement not only using your feet but also with hands operating back and forth a lever handle bar. Remember the old rail trolleys that moved with a vertical hand push? Here we're creating a new line of eco-friendly products (today the skate tomorrow a "bike") with this same system

Gruppo Invento!

Some works:
• 2004 Development Software for data recovery cell phone in case of loss.
• 2006 Hypobaric Filter for the treatment of cancerogenous substances,sold to Tobacco Company.
• 2007 Software for Safer internet navigation for young people (Junior Explorer): In collaboration with Linebanking Srl, Winning project for € 1,7 million - law 488
2008-2009 • PiezoMobilePhone Project in collaboration with IPECC – Italian Piezoelectric & Ceramic Company and ISTEC-CNR (Institute of Science and Technology of Ceramic).
Finalists in the competition Mind the Bridge.
• 2010 Development and study with the IPEEC srl and the Politecnico di Milano for a greenbattery Piezoelectric sensors to transmit signals to rail.
• 2011 Second prize in the Liteon Awards Asia with the project TBOX. A turbine that uses the air currents created by the passage of trains. (In collaboration with designer QIAN JIANG)
• 2012-2013 Study of a bulb Laser named Laila in collaboration with Prof.Eugenio Fazio Sapienza University in Rome
• 2014-2015 Promoter and creator of the project Kindie (Educational and Activity Park) promoted by the ItaliaCamp as one of eight ideas on Social Innovation
• 2015 Pathways (work in progress)
2016 Hand skate

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