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The FORT360 project starts from the will to communicate and share the knowledge of the cultural heritage about the Forts of the Entrenched Field of Rome. It aims to solve the current problems of accessibility through a remote and sharing enjoyment to achieve the Total Quality according to the idea of edutainment, social inclusion and cultural innovation in historical and architectural heritage' s comunication.
Starting from 360 ° video, we offer an immersive experience accompanying visitors on a Fort's virtual tour using a VR viewer that allows interaction with the place's narration.
At Maker Faire will be presented a demo video about the Forte Bravetta's main historical events and features.
FORT360 is a project by PROGETTO FORTI in collaboration with the UNIMORE's Public History Master and sponsored by Roma Capitale,
Department of Cultural Growth and the Fiaba Onlus Foundation.



Progetto Forti Social Promotion Association aims to actively contribute to the promotion and enhancement of military architectures particularly to the Entrenched Field of Rome. It also supports the promotion of partnerships with public institutions, universities, foundations and privates.
Encouraging the study, preservation, maintenance and reactivation of this heritage, aims to stimulate the interest and spreading awareness among the citizens and public institutions by promoting the exchange of national and international scale experiences.
Progetto Forti has supported Roma Capitale for the Feasibility Study for the recovery and development of the Forts of Rome in 2012-2014 and the Forte Trionfale, Boccea and Tiburtina Enhancement Program in 2015.
In 2014 promotes the "Restoration Manual Forts of Rome " in collaboration with the Roma Tre University.

Project leaders:
Paolo Di Pietro Martinelli
Born in Rome in 1985, he graduated in Architecture from "Sapienza" University of Rome, with a thesis about the survey and representation of Forte Boccea in Rome.
Registered with the Association of Architects of Rome, his main research interests focus on topics ranging from the drawing and documentation of the existing architectural heritage to its representation using modern visualization strategies.
He's a founder member of the Progetto Forti Association.

Lorenzo Martelli
Born in Ancona in 1985, he graduated in Architecture from University of Ferrara with a thesis in urban planning about a systemic regeneration of the Entrenched field of Rome.
His main interests focus in the urban regeneration and collaborative working, for a more accessible and inclusive city.
He's a founder member of the Progetto Forti Association.

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