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Robot calciatore Viper III
Robot calciatore Viper III

Robot calciatore Viper III

Viper III is a robot soccer player for competitions (category Open Robocup League).
He performs omnidirectional movements ‘cause traction based on 4-wheel drive omnidirectional.
He’s able to detect:
- Ball (that emits 40kHz modulated infrared, or orange ball)
- Orientation
- Distance from the sides
- Field’ white lines
- Control of ball
He can also:
- Catch the ball, with his roller catch
- Kick the ball, with his electromagnetic plunger.
Robot body: 3 polycarbonate disks on aluminum supports. All control boards are our self made. Motherboard based on the 8-bit PIC 18F66k80 microcontroller, software in C language.


Elettra Robotics LAB - IIS Cobianchi (Verbania)

Elettra Robotics Lab is a non profit association of robotics enthusiasts . Was founded two years ago by A GROUP Of Makers What share this passion.
The Cobianchi Institute is an important school based in Verbania, often it promotes innovation.
In 2016 a partnership between the two parties was made, that gave birth to the robot ‘Viper III’.
With robots Viper 2 and Viper III, the Megahertz Team, composed of ERL’s members and Cobianchi’s students, have got in the RoboCup Junior 2016 first place in superteam and the third in the individual soccer in open class..

  C33 (pav. 5) - Elettra Robotics Lab

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