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CloudGarden will help your plants grow and thrive even if you are not a gardening expert, giving you easy access to gardening and great results.
It’s the intelligent ecosystem fitting big and small gardens made by smart sensors that, once planted into the soil, connects to the cloud, allowing you to easily manage your garden remotely from any device. You can share your result, receive help and tips from other owners and automaticcaly apply them to your garden.
As an Open Initiative we give you free access to ready-to-use designs and specifications, so you can make your own CloudGarden.


Giorgio Colombo, Roberto Mapelli, Ariia Labs - ariialabs.com

Giorgio Colombo and Roberto Mapelli, respectively Co-Founder and the newest addition to Ariia labs ranks, are the sparks that have brought up the CloudGarden project during Roberto’s university days, which eventually culminated in a Thesis work and the inclusion in the full-fledged industrial project you see today.

Ariia labs is a young informatics start-up with a strong experimental vocation, which strives to give "Faster Than Light solutions" for its clients, and is now willing to reach a broader audience with its product focusing on two areas carved into Ariia’s heart: Agricolture and Open Technologies.

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