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BeSafe is a campsite powered by solar energy with ENI OPV flexible solar panel, totally self-sufficient in terms of energy and dedicated to population's first aid that is involved in natural disasters.
BeSafe can be throw from airplane or drone, and it can be easily built in few time. The sensors, powered by solar technology, are able to communicate to rescuer people's localization, health condition and a lot of different information.
BeSafe can guarantee untill 6 days autonomic energy also without sun. It is the perfect solution to ensure safe place waiting the service reactivation.



ASTERAP is a company developed by dynamic and enterprising team composed by programmers, creative graphics and web marketing experts.
Our qualities to offer an efficient service are passion, flexibility and professionalism aimed at offering the customer an efficient and specialized service.

We offer services of:
- Advice
- CAD-CAM Design
- Software development
- Home Automation
- Robotics
- Mobile App Development
- Brand identity
- Web Design

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