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Beautiful mother earth! Exciting place to live in, right?! Trees and birds… plants and insects... pure biology in all its diverse splendour! Working ALL by itself! Or, at least it’s trying to…cause with the raise of urban life, agriculture and chemicals, this bio-diversity is sadly disappearing. And with it, our access to fresh organic home grown food. But what if I told you, there is a way to bring NATURE back into our lives?
Introducing BioPic, your own little garden in the big city!
BioPic is a layered organic vegetable garden for your home. Here is how it works: You receive a container with soil and a specific paper that contains organic seeds and fertilizer. You put this paper on the soil, switch on the red (blue & white) LED lights that come with your package, and with the help of a little water (common you are still trying to grow plants) your own organic veggies grow in no time! In your kitchen, living room or on your roof-terrace! And it’s not just cool to watch, it’s also healthy to eat them. Your home grown vegetables offer double the vitamins, as you can eat them within 3 hours of harvesting. Since no artificial chemicals are added, you’re even helping to bring back a little bio-diversity to the city! And….well…plants simply improve the air we breathe.. Ahhhh Nature… ☺


Renato Reggiani

Renato Reggiani, from Rome, 46 years old, is a science journalist, Founder and CEO of BioPic, the innovative startup that is revolutionizing the domestic and urban cultivation techniques with the invention of a modular system that can grow fruits and vegetables in kitchen without natural light. Director of UniversiNet Network, a monthly online magazine about university, research, and new technologies, Renato is one of the most famous Italian makers in the world according to the magazine ‘Wired’. He has been experimenting and studying for over 10 years, between Italy and the Netherlands, the most innovative organic cultivation techniques to bring back the earth and domestic agriculture in the city and into our homes.

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