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Who wears Pollicino smart-band can explore and navigate the environment without taking off his/her eyes from the "real world."

Pollicino stimulates curiosity and creativity and allows:
- To visually impaired people to move autonomously in the environment;
- To drivers, specifically cyclists and motorcyclists, to drive safely;
- To outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy their surroundings and orient themselves without fighting for the interpretation of hiking maps :)



Snapback is a high tech start-up company developing ergonomic and multimodal context aware human-machine interfaces (HMI) for mobile devices such as smartphones, headsets, wearables, head units and so forth.
Our vision is that everyone will be able to interact with smart devices in the same way we interact with other humans. People and machines will need to define and develop harmonious relationships. In the early future, we believe that interaction between users and mobile devices will become more natural and intuitive.
Our mission is to build multimodal user interfaces to make the interaction between user and smart device as natural as possible. Interfaces are going to be suited to human needs so that the technology is put at the service of people and not vice-versa. Our commitment is to make a step change in safety and wellbeing with our new technology.
The Company was set up in December 2013 by a young team with top-notch education, different professional backgrounds and an entrepreneurial mindset. The team is made up of six people, working full time to develop the core business, who are assisted by a team of advisors with responsibilities in different key areas.
Snapback’s team has a robust background in the research of human-device interaction and this is one of the company’s main strengths. We focused in the research of multimodal interfaces, which led us to the creation of a Software Development Kit (SDK), providing the basis for various applications using air gestures, device motions, sounds and voice commands. The result is an easier, safer and more enjoyable user experience, especially when our hands are occupied, or user distraction should be kept to a minimum.
Today the main players in the HMI’s industry are mono-modal with just a few players using up to two interaction modalities. Snapback is the only HMI using all the four interaction modalities.
Our proprietary patent-pending SDK is a technology asset with a very high potential that allows quick development of products with several different features and uses. Snapback solutions can improve the workplace safety, motorist safety and personal safety.
Snapback S.r.l. was selected by LUISS EnLabs in 2014, by Ericsson in 2015 and by Cognicity Hub in 2016 to participate in their acceleration programs. The company’s headquarters and executive offices are located at Via Giovanni Giolitti 34, 00185 Rome, Italy. In January 2016 we joined Cognicity Hub with office spaces located at One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London. Our website can be found at www.snapback.io.
We gathered significant attention from the media by participating in important competitions. We won the Ego Program by Ericsson, the Wind Business Factor challenge and represented Italy at the Start Tel Aviv Bootcamp in 2014. In February 2016, Snapback was mentioned by Forbes to be among the five main players within Italy’s tech hub which is starting to get noticed by global investors.

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