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En=Joy® gioielli
En=Joy® gioielli

En=Joy® gioielli

Born in November 2010 as an experimental project about laser cutting on acrylic sheets, it grows thanks to the enthusiasm of its creators, a team of female designers. They call themselves young, someone uses to define them makers, without any doubt they are strictly linked by a strong passion for art and crafts, a natural attitude toward experimentation and the constant curiosity about everything that surrounds them.
The spark was the laser cut , that in the laboratory where, by chance, they used to collaborate, they discover the attraction for this technology. In the spare time they begin to cut waste, to wear them, to transform them, inventing new forms, trying new colours, always finding new ideas! The project gradually takes shape and structure in a real work of design and production, the name En=Joy® come naturally as a word that contains at the same time the meaning of energy and fun, in other words, the perfect description!

  A23 (pav. 8)
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