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Motee is a complex solution for building robots like a pro. It contains a base block (which is also a motor module) and other blocks (like distance measuring module, WiFi module, light measuring module, battery module and other). It's really simple to build robot with Motee: you just need to connect all blocks each other and then program it as a development platform (like Arduino). You understood right, it's a standalone solution, everything is onboard. However, it's possible to use each of our blocks as a standard module and connect it to Arduino, Raspberry Pi or development platform. We even prepared special libraries for those platforms!
We found there is no complex solution for intermediate users to build robots fast and in an efficient way so we decided to change it. We are focused on the best price-to-quality ratio so Motee blocks are relatively cheap and really efficient. It means Motee is a perfect next step after Lego Mindstorms and could be used at universities, robotics schools, by makers, programmers and students of robotics.
Motee is a commercial project but it's created by Lime Devices - informal group of young makers from Poland. We plan it will be ready to sell until the end of this year.


Lime Devices

Lime Devices is a Polish group focused on hardware established in 2014. It consists of 3 people: Karol Karczewski (team leader & founder), Kamil Foryszewski (hardware, firmware) and Piotr Wasilewski (hardware, firmware).

  C9 (pav. 5) - Lime Devices

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