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PoWaHome is a device that you can install by yourself inside electrical gang boxes to make "smart" the old switches and sockets already installed in the house. The device can also be used to control and program motorized roller blinds.

PoWaHome is programmable and retains data in memory even in case of electric black-out. It has no batteries to change and is compatible with all types of lamps: incandescent, halogen, energy saving, neon and LED. One device is sufficient for a single electrical gang box since it is capable of controlling 2 switches. The app is customizable to suit your needs.

It works with your existing WiFi network and mobile internet. It works with any switch model installed in electrical gang boxes. Does not replace your existing switch, but adds remote control capability via smartphone or tablet.


Pasquale Longo

Born in Apulia in 1988, I’ve always been fascinated by science and technology. When I was a child I had the dream to be an engineer and a skydiver. To follow my dreams, I moved to Turin, where I earned a degree in electronics engineering. Now I’m trying to improve my and others’ life with PoWa, that remotely controlling our home lights plays an active role in saving energy and build a better world.

  B12 (pav. 7)
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