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Kerosene Lantern 2.0

Kerosene Lantern 2.0

Liter Of Light is a project of “My Shelter Foundation”, association from Manila (Philippines) born in 2011 with the aim to bring eco-sustainable and handmade illumination to the populations in energy poverty.
After the Haiyan Typhoon (Yolanda) happened in the Philippines, a solar panel, a lithium battery and a LED are integrated in the previous technology, giving the birth to "Liter Of Light At Night".

In the first months of the 2016 Liter Of Light has focused on the reuse and conversion of a Kerosene Lamp into a Solar Lamp.

Kerosene Lantern 2.0


Liter Of Light is a project of “My Shelter Foundation”, born in 2011 in Manila (Philippines), it has spread in 26 Countries in the world, with a distrectual operating structure, with more than 500.000 lamps installed.

Liter Of Light collaborated with UNHCR into the refugees camps in Pakistan and Ethiopia and with the UNESCO during the celebration of the International Year Of Light.

Liter Of Light won the Zayed Future Energy Prize of Abu Dhabi in 2015 and the Energy Globe World Awards of Tehran in 2016.

Liter Of Light Italy born in 2015 and is based in Prato (Tuscany), it is the italian team of the project and the european reference.

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