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GET is a wearable bracelet that exemplifies and accelerates the interaction between the user and his devices (smartphones, tablets, PCs). It does not need any display, touch screen or buttons. In fact, through his technology, which uses bone conduction, the user just needs to bring his ear finger to listen to the contents and respond to messages, calls or dictate instructions to Siri or Google-now. Through an invisible and intuitive interface which is smart enough to recognize gestures thus interpreting the user`s will and control his devices in the easiest and most intuitive way ever. The hand will become an haddset and users will not need other any other accessories. Thanks to an application the users can also customize each gesture combining the function concerned.
GET allows to track physical activity, movements and the sleep cycle replacing any wearable.

Facilitate and optimize aspects of daily life and work is GET`s mission.


Edoardo Parini

Edoardo Parini, degree in Media & Interaction Design at ECAL, (Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne). I'm an art director with experience in digital media, pr, editing, print and especially alternative media, and master Interior Design at IED at Rome. I fill the multiple roles of designer, director, inspiring thinker, developer and maker. I have an eye for world-class design, and a love for installation, applications, UI/UX, HMI and moving image.
My true love for the HMI (Human Machine Interface) pushes me to investigate deeper and UI / UX bottom. My work is, in fact, focused on the experience technology that the user uses every day, with the aim to make it more accessible, effective and less invasive possible thus satisfying the need to reach a quicker and more intuitive interaction.
I am part of a rapidly growing creative group that experiments and researches in the areas of robotics, electronics and information technology, to achieve oriented solutions to improve our relationship with the IoT technology.

  C22 (pav. 7) - Edoardo Parini

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