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4C -
4C -

4C - "forsee"

4C aka "intentoVR" is an upper limb realtime weareable tracking system for 3d virtual environment editing through touch and gesture. Objects, spatial relationships and virtual artifacts can be touched by the user through haptic feedbacks (5+1 from the glove and 2 from the elbow band). These wearable usb/wifi devices let the software map the exact position of the upper limbs down to each single fingers. Interaction with the virtual environment is done through an haptic feedback to the connected glove or elbow band.

4C -

cristiano vanzolini

Attended at Scientific College in Rimini in 1988
Master's degree in Computer Science com laude at Bologna University in 1993
Been in the Navy teaching CS at Accademia Navale - Livorno Italy
CEO at VANZOTECH srl since 2011 (developing web app and 3d web experience)
3D stuff fan

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