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Butterfly in the AIR
Butterfly in the AIR

Butterfly in the AIR

Butterfly in the AIR is an open innovation project supported by the French Mediterranean Air Quality Network Fablab. Its aims at fostering the collaboration between citizens and public organizations through the co-development of wearables (clothes, toys, etc.). The connected objects and associated app display the pollution levels to which the users are exposed and enable the users to communicate their activities through conductive patches. The project is built around an innovation hub where makers & solutions providers are invited to participate, prototype and test their products.

Butterfly in the AIR

a Lab in the AIR

A Lab in the AIR is a Fablab dedicated to air quality, supported by the French Mediterranean Air Quality Network (Air PACA).
A Lab in the AIR is part a whole set-up dedicated to innovative public design.
The Lab has 4 main missions:
1. Strategic & technological intelligence;
2. Developing design thinking and prototyping processes into the making of public environmental strategies and solutions;
3. Boosting creativity inside public organizations and foster co-creation of environmental solutions;
4. Connect with outside actors and stakeholders to share concepts, knowledge, links, thoughts and so on.
Born in May 2016, the Lab is managed by a small dedicated team, and runs an innovation space, opened to the public, including citizens, industries, start-ups, public administration. Starting in December, the Lab will launch artists & makers residencies.
The Lab provides prototyping services (products, space, digital solutions and services) and runs innovative showcase projects together with an open innovation approach. It is also developing a digital lab around open data and dedicated software.

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