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ArmCam is an automated support to carry out 3D scanning of objects quickly and accurately through any camera .
Through a touch screen display users can choose the type of machine used ( Canon , Nikon , ... remote cable ) and the scanning program already set, but it's also possible to configure the times and degrees of rotation along the two axes to create personal programs .
The photo sequence generated is processed by photogrammetric software like Autodesk or Agisoft PhotoScan ReCap 360.
ArmCam arises from the need to photograph your subjects perfectly replicate in three dimensions without worrying about making mistakes!
The need for a precise arm able to capture the subject at each angle, greatly improves the final yield of the 3D model .
ArmCam, an always available arm


Fab Lab Olbia - Sirio Granuzza

"Sirio Granuzza born in 1979, grew up in arcades throwing money into those big bright cabinet with thousands of colored pixels ..."
This is exactly the time when unconsciously understand that this world will be part of your life; just who is "Maker / Hacker / Nerd / ~ $ sudo" will understand exactly.
The first home computer, a Commodore 64 clone to write in Basic formulas of fractal, then the Amiga with SculptAnimate4D and Real3D, the discovery of the three dimensions in the graphics was a further big step towards a passion that he would never abandon me.
The choice of school was that vocational education in Electronics and Telecommunications, always pursuing his passion for computer graphics start to learn about letterpress printing techniques and screen printing, carving machines cnc and cutting of polystyrene.
Step two years in Dublin, great experience at IBM as a store receiver and assembler, a new way to see the work, different ethnic groups and teamwork, the most beautiful experience of my life, then come homesickness and returns in own island.
I continue on my own my projects and I discover new, graphics, photography, virtual tours then two years ago touch with hand 3D printing and there opens a new world, I could finally touch what Modeled and not just watch it in a flat two-dimensional monitor.
I discover the FabLab, people with my own passions and is now a passion, I discover that he was always "Maker" even though I did not know, I find to be "Nerd" even if it was more derogatory rather than fashionable, in fact, I still discover and create simply because I love doing it. :)

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