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Real Magic
Real Magic

Real Magic

Real Magic is a complete technology, not a single product. Therefore it has quite big social impact in several areas from healthcare to spare time. This technology consists of self-made hardware & software. The main part is a wireless chip with Bosch motion sensor. It works as a building kit, where user can buy additional modules easily. The most simple case is a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth 4 LE ring mounted on a finger. More complex use is a full body motion capture. Any combination between is possible (wristband, arm sensor + hand sensor). We offer development kits (HDK+SDK) for business partners to integrate into their own products.

We already developed two products:
REHAB+ is a healthcare product developed with a faculty hospital as our common effort in biotechnological cluster partnership. It features additional wireless EMG sensor for muscle activity. It is being tested for patients after stroke.

WAVE.NINJA is a professional sound engineer tool & controller featuring Launchpad Pro compatible VR device. MIDI support & OSC support. It is being used by international DJ/producer NICKBEE. Use case includes production studio (DAW), DJ tools and VJ apps (any MIDI compatible project).

What's next on our roadmap: interactive physical training with haptic feedback, additional modules for smart home & elder people, attach to real parts in order to create natural reality (golf stick, tennis rocket, martial arts)

Our SDK includes machine learning & neural networks support co-developed with MIT Media Lab.
We show the real thing & start preorders at Maker Faire Rome 2016 booth! We will showcase 3D printer control using hand & robot control.

Supported platforms: PC standalone, mobile, VR (Google VR, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, OpenVR), smart TV, Android, iOS

Conclusion: We offer unique SDK + Unity3d integration and Google Daydream competitive price and we are not tied just to one platform.
Czech Republic

Real Magic

Lukas Satin, Libor Micek

Lukas is the software guy, who is interested in machine learning/artificial intelligence and opensource stuff. Lukas is working as a freelancer in various computer languages for Healthcare, Energy, Banks => mostly international projects for large companies with integration services & clouds. Lukas hobby is also music production & DJing, he has one release on Beatport under a nickname Cyberluke.

Libor is the hardware guy. He has great visual thinking & mechanics skills. His interests are Arduino, but also high voltage stuff such as electricity, especially free electricity & secret Tesla projects. He has a lot of social contacts, so he knows who to call. When there's a problem, Libor is the solution.

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