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UGO is a voice activated home automation solution, aimed to help disabled people who would have problems in using common devices which require the use of the hands.

UGO is based on Arduino Uno, a hardware voice recognition module and can interacts with most commons devices via IR, RF, TCP/IP, HTTP, GSM/SMS tecnologies.

UGO have a sound speaker and text-to-speech capabilities, in Italian and English language, for play messages like SMS voice reader, play datetime, read info from internet, read emails, play status/information about home enviroment, etc.

Some common use cases of UGO are: turning on/off the light, control TV, control the air conditioning system, opening doors or windows, make and receive GSM calls in handsfree mode, read and play SMS messages.

UGO can also be interfaced with a Raspberry Pi module running the Asterisk PBX, to allow the user to make or receive phone calls in hands-free mode.

UGO has already been presented in the Maker Faire Rome 2013, where it received the Blue Ribbon of "Maker of Merit" award.


Marco Sangiorgio, Antonio Ianiero

I live in Rome, where I work as hardware and software developer in the telecommunication sector for about 30 years.

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