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All In Wall
All In Wall

All In Wall

All In Wall is the modular solution that allows you to integrate lights games, sounds, scents and heat in a simple and convenient manner.
All In Wall is unique: integrated, extensible, and versatile, it is the answer to every need in design: a work of art comes to life, it reacts with lights, sounds, scents and heat: a complete emotional experience.

20 years experience in manufacturing environments in the forefront express themselves in a solid product that is easy and quick to install.
Installing a wall system takes little time and fullfills your wildest expectations. Tickle your senses with scents, music & sounds, heat.

Suitable for any environment, including public places, outdoors, bathrooms, SPAs.

All In Wall

Francesco Ippoliti, Riccardo Zorn, Vincenzo Padula, Chiara Bruni

Francesco: Volcanic creativity and imagination, likes to experiment with means and technologies to achieve unique results in design, home decoration and woodwork.
Francesco can fill the gap between ideas and products, creating solutions where they don't yet exist.
Riccardo: Software architect, builds distributed systems for large and small clients. Continuous research and study allow him to satisfy his passion for technologies. He jumped on board the All in Wall project readily, mostly for his love of led lights.
Vincenzo: Physicist, has a broad experience designing motherboards and high-end audio systems, whether for diffusion or performance. He works hardest on continuously improving our technology, controllers, and overall quality.
Over twenty years of experience in our fields of interest, and incredible imagination, and a constant improvement are the ingredients of our success.

  D12 (pav. 10)
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