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PivotMaker is a 3D printer for large volumes with an external dimensions 1200x1200x1400 mm and 850x850x850 mm for print volume. Double extruder E3D Volcano modified, resolution layer of 100 microns. Nozzles have a standard Ø 0.60 mm-1 mm interchangeable with other diameters and types of materials. The Megatronics 3.1, DRV8825 drivers, NEMA 23 control the machine. It use Marlin firmware. Print speed max is 300 mm/s. There's an emergency stop button. Pivotmaker use filaments 1.75 mm / 3 mm, supports many materials, including technical ones. The Cartesian movement uses reinforced belt, cemented and linears bars, IGUS trapezoidal bars.



i3D is a trademark of POWERCAP ENERGY SYSTEMS Srl.
POWERCAP was born in Florence - Italy in the 1993 from a group of engineers and technicians with a decennial experience in Alcatel Power Division Italy. Our company is specialized in power energy systems project applied to telecommunication, Railways, Military power equipments and civil application, supplied to worldwide costumers as Alcatel, ENEL (Italian power authority), Yemen Army, Nigeria Army, NATO, NITEL Nigeria Telecom, Philippine Telecom, Angola Telecom, Abu Dhabi police, Italian Railways, Libya port Authority and to many other public and private costumers in various country. With the experience of our engineers in mechanical and electronic we developed in 2013 the first 3D printer prototype for consumer use.
Playmaker HD, large print volume 34x27x31 cm, high quality layer 20 micron at a competitive price.
With the development of this technology in the professional and industial market, we produced a series of professional 3D printers.
Solider is a 3D printer suitable for professionals who require features such as large print size, precision and reliability.
Sixer is a 3D printer designed to create a small production series in six print areas. Permit to maximize the printing hours to producing a small series from six to sixty objects at the same time.
PlayMaker XD is a professional 3D printer with large print volume (36x29x36 cm), high layer resolution 20 micron and fast print speed 300 mm/s.
PivotMaker is a large scale 3D printer offer a big build plate (850x850x850 mm) for printing a large prototypes.
Not always in the market there is a product that fully meets the customer's needs. For this reason, our company, with the skills and experience acquired, manufactures customized 3D printers.

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