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Digital fabrication and maker culture meet two massive educational systems: the Montessori education and the Munari playful approach.
Gruppo5 is a research and design experiment which combines different pedagogical methodologies to foster and reflection through new educational programs, game design and innovative training systems for kids 0 to 99 years old. A new multidisciplinary group in which the maker philosophy connects technology and design with informal learning methodologies.


Opendot in collaborazione con Ruggero Poi e Michela Dezzani

- Opendot
Opendot is a FabLab and a research hub for open innovation with the aim to found a place for rapid prototype production, research and experimentation. Opendot initiates changes, identifying in the open source format and in technological know-how new opportunities for growth in the areas of training, design, production and research. Thanks to its multidisciplinary approach, Opendot is a reference point for companies that wish to implement their products and know-how through processes of innovative development. The promoters of Opendot are designers of making and creators of culture who enthusiastically embrace the philosophy of collaboration and sharing of knowledge, positioning themselves as a meeting point between new skills and traditional know-how.

- Ruggero Poi
Executive vice-president of Fondazione Montessori Italia. Responsible Educational Department Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto. He curated the last book of Arvin Gupta “Toys from trash”.

- Michela Dezzani
Bruno Munari researcher and founder of Munaria. Since 2000 she curates workshops for schools, museums and institutions. Part of the Bruno Munari Association she is one of the teachers of the Master enabling the use of the methodology. In 2007 she has been invited at Shiodome Italia Creative Center in Tokyo for Bruno Munari anniversary.

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