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EDN Simulator Car

EDN Simulator Car

As part of their final project at EDN – Navàs (High Profesional School from a town near Barcelona), robotics students Rafart Jordi and Marc Tomas recently built an impressive Arduino simulator that captures video from a camera-equipped RC vehicle and displays it on a TV screen, making it feel as though you’re in the driver’s seat of a shrunken-down car.

The simulator is powered by an Arduino Uno along with an IBT-2 H-Bridge to control the 24V motors, and wirelessly communicates with the modified toy car via an XBee module.

EDN Simulator Car

EDN Navàs Robotic Students

Students from the last course from professional formation of Robotics and Automation.
In that coures the students desing a project with all their knowledge and this year their build a Simulator Car that works with an Arduino UNO.

  C19 (pav. 5) - EDN Navàs Robotic Students

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