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rEVOILution it's the only solutions to consume Espresso EVOO, fresh in any period, not adulterated and customizable to your taste.

- It's composed by a compact and elegant kitchen appliance. You just need to press a button and in 40 minuts it produces up to 20 servings.
- Pure pulps of frozen olives, pitted and grinded, different intensities and aromatic notes. The pulp that is left is edible and usable (es. Olives patè)

rEVOILution is the result of a young company, but that collects more than 100 years of experience in the EVOO field and that is revolutioning the italian tradition.


Antonio Pagliaro (CEO), Francesco Buzzo (COO), Serena Lambertoni (CEM), Giuseppe chipani (CDO)

Antonio has a background in finance and marketing, with experience in asset management, planning, and marketing intelligence in leading financial groups. He's passionate about innovation and followed Digital, Green energy and fintech startups. He holds a bachelor in business economics and a MsC in management at Bocconi University, a executive master in finance and risk management at SDA Bocconi.

Serena Lambertoni and Francesco Buzzo are two young designers who live and work in Milan. After the graduation at the Politecnico of Milano in 2012, they collaborate with external professionals and develop personal works. Since 2014 they design together at Buzzo-Lambertoni Design. They won some national and international contests (including the Muji Design Award 04) and their works are exhibited in different events and nations. They deal with product, packaging and graphic design. Since 2014 they are the designers of Revoilution.

Startapper since he was 16 y.o., Giuseppe in 2001 founded studentville.it winning the WWW price by "Il Sole 24 ore" in 2007. After the divestiture of studentville.it to Triboo SpA, now he is CTO of a meta-search for hotels located in Switzerland. He graduated in informatics engineering, he worked as consultant for some start-up in platform development and strategic planning. In Revoilution he computerizes the supply chain and the online market.

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