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Greenspace Invaders

Greenspace Invaders

Greenspace Invaders is a videogame for schools. It is made by software and hardware, where, shooting bulldozers and concrete blocks, you fight against deforestation and land use with a space ship like the 'Space Invaders' one.
The software is developed with Scratch, so it could be easily modified and loaded again on the console.
The console can also turn to other games developed with Scratch, not only 'Greenspace invaders'.

An infotainment project addressed to primary and secondary schools able to speak to young people in a language congenial to them, combining three disciplines that today are indispensable:

1) environmental education, to protect the landscape and environment from the catastrophic consequences of the reckless.

2) development of creative and computational thinking, through the use of Scratch, a programming software developed at MIT in Boston that allows customized video games programming, in this case applied to the issue of environment protection.

3) the approach to their topics of digital manufacturing (2D and 3D modeling for laser cutting and 3D printing) through the creation of a console suitable to host the games products and make them available to the students of the entire school

Greenspace Invaders

Gianpaolo Franceschini, Andrea Sartori, Livio Talozzi

Marco Volpe is the creative inventor of the Greenspace theme, Gianpaolo Franceschini, Andrea Sartori, Livio Talozzi are the operating team FabLab Bologna, worked on the construction and expansion of it.

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