Exhibitors 2016



Dandy was born from an idea of Giulia, a 14 young student, to feed herself without the help of other persons. The role of Giulia as Project Leader was fundamental in order to share and translate her real needs in constraints and objectives for all the +AbiliTeam.
The result of the project is a six-axis mechatronic arm moved by the latest generation engines, supported by a simple and standardized structure and controlled by a joystick designed following the ergonomic features of Giulia easily adaptable to different situations, thanks to 3D printing.



+AbiliTeam: Valerio Fausti (29,Designer) , Karim Abdel Aal (26, Designer), Cristian Fiorello (24, Designer), Giulia Di Renzo (14, Student), Alessio di Renzo (41, Product developer), Gianluca Pugliese (32, Ceo&Founder Owen Lab), Laura Tosetto (17, Student), Luca Tosetto (19, Student), Giuseppe di Grande (42, Software developer), Sara Ridolfi (28, Designer), Vincenzo Rubano (22,Engineer), Michele Tonizzo (25, Architect), Davide Pecchini (25, Designer), Stefano Balduzzi (26, Designer), Giuditta Ravalli (27, Designer), Stefano Cagninelli (30, Engineer), Andrea Mantelli (25, Engineer), Gabriele Natale (28, Designer).

  B32 (pav. 6) - +AbiliTeam

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