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Mirobot and MeArm
Mirobot and MeArm

Mirobot and MeArm

Mirobot is a build-it-yourself WiFi drawing robot kit that's designed to help children learn about technology, engineering and programming. It's able to be built by kids aged 7+ and, once built, connects via WiFi to program it via your web browser. It's easy to build and lots of fun to use.

MeArm is a robotic arm kit that you can build yourself with just a screwdriver and some enthusiasm. It works with Arduino, Raspberry Pi or the controller of your choice and can be controlled either directly through a joystick interface or via the programming language of your choice.
United Kingdom

Mirobot and MeArm

Mime Industries

Mime Industries is a new company formed out of two existing open source maker companies; Mirobot and MeArm. They make fun robotics kits that help children learn about technology and coding.

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