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UNICO are objects that don’t exist. Tailor made products and well-designed medical aids that improve the quality of life of children with disabilities.
Unique products co-designed by makers and therapists with families and children with disabilities, where utility, specificity, sustainability and beauty are the key qualities.
Not just a collection of objects, UNICO is a project where the process makes the difference and the final design quality becomes vehicle to foster social inclusion.
Co-design and digital fabrication become tools to tackle individual needs, shortening the distance between designer and end user.


Opendot e Fondazione TOG

- Opendot
Opendot is a FabLab and bottom-up research hub for open innovation with the aim to found a place for rapid prototype production, research and experimentation. Opendot initiates changes, identifying in the open source format and in technological know-how new opportunities for growth in the areas of training, design, production and research. Thanks to its multidisciplinary approach, Opendot is a reference point for companies that wish to implement their products and know-how through processes of innovative development. The promoters of Opendot are designers of making and creators of culture who enthusiastically embrace the philosophy of collaboration and sharing of knowledge, positioning themselves as a meeting point between new skills and traditional know-how.

TOG – Together-To-Go is a non-profit organization, an excellence center for the rehabilitation of children affected by complex neurological pathologies, founded in Milan in 2011 to satisfy a pressing need of the city.

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