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We aim to bring powder coating to the common man!
Powder coating as been for years a great type of coating but it as been an exclusive of the industrial world.
Thanks to our new powder coating kit, we are able to offer the possibility of powder coating to the "common guy" and his garage.
We offer all the necessary equipment and powder to have great results in the automotive world as well as the architectural and furniture fields.
This is a great innovation for the "makers world" because the great properties of powder coating can now be applied to small projects like robotics, cases, musical instruments and all those circumstances were a tough and durable finish is required.
We are the only company in Europe to offer candy colors in powder form, as well as powder additives that allow for metal flake and chameleon finishes.

Along with our active R&D department we have a very prolific video production team for the development of very detailed tutorials to help people get the most out of the powder coating equipment we provide.
Our youtube channel "Custom Cez" gets 2000 hits a day and we are leaders on the subject not only in Italy, but also valuable players world wide.

During the Makers Faire Rome event we will demonstrate how easy it is to apply a powder coating to any metal object, how resistant the coating actually is and we'll invite the audience to take part in the process. We will also bring some of the awesome custom bikes we have built and painted with our products.


Cesare Rascel aka Custom Cez

"I create music and video for living, all things that you can't touch, intangible. As a consequence I've always been fascinated by tangible creative arts like design and sculpting. I think that what we do goes way beyond customizing bike... i think we are creating sculptures and as such, we are creating art.“

It all started from making a few how-to videos and evolved in a proper show. Roma Custom Bike is the first web-series about custom bike made in Italy and distributed world wide both in Italian and English.

The show starts from Custom Cez's desire to document his bike's restoration process. It was supposed to be a simple docu-tutorial, shot with a single camera so that he could keep it as a memory of passionate and creative work.

Custom Cez (aka Cesare Rascel, producer) is not capable to do simple moderate things, so already by the 3rd episode he started devolving more and more time and resources to the project until it become what it is today, a full blown tv show on the web.

The audience interaction continues to influence the direction taken by the show and this is really appreciated by the audience, making Roma Custom Bike such a unique show that is now a focal point for the Italian custom bike community.

  A43 (pav. 8) - Cesare Rascel aka Custom Cez

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