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The Gift of Vision
The Gift of Vision

The Gift of Vision

The Gift of vision is a line of bamboo sunglasses with silk inserts on the temples, hand-made with the aid of rapid prototyping machines, in full line with the digital craftsman thought.
The project is a collaboration between the design studio, Manossusias and the Thai tourism authority. For this reason, the product maintains the Thai handicraft poetic and, at the same time, the classic sign and style of Italian design.
The glasses are hand made in two stages, the first one is totally digital with the use of CNC machines and the second craft with a strong link with the tradition.

The Gift of Vision

Monica Marconi, Mattia Bonavolontà

Maossusias is a design studio born from the mix of two cultures, Monica Marconi from Colombia and Mattia Bonavolontà from Italy. They met last year, the cultural mix was immediately turned into a wave of energy that first influenced their projects such as to encourage them to cooperate and to set joint goals, and then to also join them as a couple. Over the years, the collaboration has led to achieve excellent results as collaborations with ADI and the Thai government.

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