Exhibitors 2016



UGARAGEWOOD bike has two innovations: it has been developed around a frame composed by a laser cut aluminium soul glued to two halves shells in milled wood. The chain stay is adaptable and adjustable with variable rigidity and replaceable dropouts.
The result is a full track bike suitable for running, untarmacked roads and city. Enjoyable, with “CARBONDRIVE” transmission and, if requested, ZHEUS+ system (the frame is compatible for internal wire passage).



Officine Ugarage project is an inspiration
for a new idea of neoclassical contemporaneity.
The process of idea realization takes place
in a small laboratory in the old town centre of Jesi,
where the workspace and the showroom are side by side.
Here it is possible to observe the whole process of new ideas’ creation…
a place where tools, software,
skills and craftsmanship live in an interdependent relationship
and with equal dignity.

  C17 (pav. 5) - Associazione Culturale Rinoteca

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