Exhibitors 2016



Helio: healthy solar experience.
With the sun we can cook very well even more if the oven is very well done!
With the help of experts chefs we can try solar receipts when sun is giving the best value to the food.
We can also build ourself with Helio suggestions, or it is possible to take one to make, or it is possible to take one already done or it is possible to rent them.


Alessandro Varesano, Enrico Grillo

Ing. Alessandro Varesano. He worked fo more than 20 years in a multinational company, which gave the opportunity to travel andving deep experience in different culture. He is now working for the energy saving in buiding constructions and Certification of Energy Performance. As for a game he started to build a Solar Oven with the goal of the high efficency and high quality of the cooked food.

Ing . Enrico Grillo, since several years he is working in the design of environmentally sustainable building and green architecture.
Convinced that knowledge needs of the practice, he is also involved in self-construction of building in natural materials and craftsmanship in wood and metal recovery.
He is increasingly involved in experimenting with creative solutions to a good solar cooking.

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