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Abstract: beginning of year project in 1990, after a traffic accident I almost lost my legs.
Reflection: how could I continue to play the drums if I had lost the use of his legs?
develop an alternative method to play the drums in a professional way without the use of the lower limbs
The tool includes: a controller keyboard, a notebook and a daw drum samples Software
Project completed in 2010.


Bruno Antignani

Born in 1959, developing from the age of 10 years a strong interest in the sounds.
At age 15 begin to study classical battery for 5 years
He then studied classical guitar for about 7 years
In 1987 with the advent of the midi realizable Protocol's first my home music studio using samplers and sintetizzzatore
approaching on keyboards midi
then step to the drum fingerkey project following a car accident in which I almost lost the use of his legs.
After the diploma I get hired in a big company aereonaitica where as an engineer and second specialization in avionics
Later I come hired in a company that manufactures equipment for climate simulation, a very interesting industry where supply the knowledge gained in the field aereonatico.
The winding up of the company decided to continue its efforts by opening a My azineda in the same industry. Practices currently I carry out this work.

  D6 (pav. 6) - Bruno Antignani

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