Exhibitors 2016



Holey is a platform able to realize 3D printable orthopedic braces which are light and not bulky, usable both to immobilize the limb and support it during the rehab period, water resistant and customizable in different colors.
Our platform represent for orthopedic shops a one to one patient specific solution without the necessity to stock large quantity of stuff or buy expensive machines.
From doctors point of view, braces created using our platform are totally comparable to current devices.


Gabriel Scozzarro, Francesco Leacche

Gabriel Scozzaro is a medical engineer with 3 years of experience as research assistant at the Vanderbilt University in Nashville and now he is CEO at Holey.
Francesco Leacche is our CTO, he is finishing the master in computer science and he is already research assistant at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”.

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