Exhibitors 2016



Robotic devices for the film industry. The team of SlidEngine shows a series of devices produced with digital manufacturing technologies and developed with the aim of offering highly competitive products, with the quality of professional equipment, marketable as kits to be assembled.
The first SlidEngine's project consists of a motorized slider for film industry destinations but also for consumer market. The slider is able to perform pre-programmed movements and follow trajectories that facilitate the use of the camera. The movement of the slider can be programmed, customized, and controlled by hands.


Federico Galiè, Emanuele Alfano, Alessio di Brigida

Federico Galiè:

Three years ago I've decide to become a director. I love my job and I always looking for new ways to evolve and face every challenge in an original and innovative way.

Emanuele Alfano:

I just graduated from the "Istituto Tecnico Industriale Galilei" I'm passionate about robotics and despite my young age I am the robotics world champion with my team. Now, I have accepted this new challenge, to combine my expertise in robotics with the cinematic world.

Alessio Di Brigida:

I graduated a year ago Liceo Scientifico Tecnico Pacinotti, passionate about robotics and technology. I have skills in PCB design and 3D printing, two elements which together have allowed me to participate to the most important competitions of Robotics.

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