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satshacopter 250X is an open source quadcopter built around the satshakit flight controller. It is designed to be simple and cheap as much as possible, and to be easily made inside any Fab Lab. satshacopter is also a starting point for more advanced drone projects, and easy to be built during workshops or events.

satshacopter 250X specifications:

250mm wood frame and supports
open source flight controller
MPU6050 IMU located exactly at the center
4 x 1900kv brushless motors
4 x 15A ESCs
MultiWii compatible
Hobby King 4 channel remote and receiver
1000mah 3S LiPo battery
costs under 100€


Daniele Ingrassia

I won’t hide behind the work that I am doing or the studies that I have done in the past. I’m a dreamer. In my personal way of thinking this means that I always try to reach very difficult and often untrusted objectives that put me in a constant challenge with myself and that quickly change my cognition of what I am capable of. So, here are some of the things I had fun to do with: disassembling a car in order to make a dune buggy, building a motorcycle with pieces taken from junkyard, inventing a new kind of hybrid recommendation and profiling system used in the official mobile app of WU2013, inventing an automatic topic recognition system that is capable to analyze free text, making an Android controlled car with a toy car, a netbook motherboard and Arduino. Having said this, here are some details on "normal" things: I’m a qualified technician in electrotechnics, I’m an Information Technology engineer, I work as a FabAcademy GURU and scientific assistant in Germany at Kamp-Lintfort Fab Lab and Rhein-Waal university of applied sciences.

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