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Superconduttività e Applicazioni

Superconduttività e Applicazioni

OfficineApogeo developed experiments about superconductivity to show its principles and technological applications:
- magnetic levitation, based on Meissner effect;
- magnetic suspension, based on the "pinning" effect;
- zero resistance: permanent current in a superconductor;
- little train model running on magnetic rail;
- levitating fly-wheel.
Those experiments have been performed in exhibitions and scientific fairs in Università di Camerino, Politecnico di Torino, Università di Roma "La Sapienza", Science Fest of Perugia and Genova.

Superconduttività e Applicazioni

OfficineApogeo (Luca Di Massimo, Raffaele Pepe, Andrea Perali)

Luca Di Massimo manager of educational projects and services at OfficineApogeo.

Raffaele Pepe, graduate in Physycs, now manager of didactics products at Altay Scientific, he co-operated with Apogeo in developing the experiments.

Andrea Perali is Associate Professor of condensed matter theory at the University of Camerino, in the School of Pharmacy, Physics Unit. He works in collaboration with Prof. G. C. Strinati, Prof. P. Pieri and Prof. D. Neilson. He is a professor of General Physics from 2002. He is the delegate of the Rector for e-learning projects. He is a member of the committee of the Ph.D. program in Physics a the University of Camerino.

  D15 (pav. 7) - OfficineApogeo (Luca Di Massimo, Raffaele Pepe, Andrea Perali)

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