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Roboprime is the cheapest open-source humanoid robot ever made. It integrates 21 servomotors driven by an Arduino board that allow the robot to perform movements and move freely in space. It's structure is entirely realized through 3D printing, and is therefore totally replicable.
The purpose of the project is, in fact, to produce a robot, enjoyable and instructive that can be shared with the community of makers worldwide.


Simone Primarosa

My name is Simone Primarosa and I'm 19.
I'm attending the last year of high school (electronics) and the next year I will begin Computer Science at University.
Curious and geek since birth, I always tried to broaden my horizons and my knowledge committing myself with ever more challenging activities.
During high school years, I took part in several competitions and extracurricular courses of different kinds.
Especially last year, I distinguished myself during the Italian Olympics of Informatics (OII) where I won a bronze medal taking home a place among the Italian excellences of computing.
Some month ago I won The Big Hack hackathon during The Maker Faire and thanks to that I was able to stay at the MIT University, in Cambridge, USA for a week.
I started coding when I was 12 and since then I could not do without it.
From then I've earned a lots of experience developing websites, apps and others general purpose software.
At the moment I mastered: C, C ++, PHP, Java, Python, SQL, HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript and Assembly.
I dream of make a career in the world of innovation technology.

  C17 (pav. 9) - Simone Primarosa

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