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Controller per

Controller per "Architectural lighting design" IoT

The device is a computer lights for "Architectural lighting design" controlled by PC with software for creating dynamic show or via app specially developed to create architectural scene.
The system can be composed: via PC with twenty controller and via mobile phone with 8 on the same app , for making complex scenarios that can be stored and recalled or modified later.
Pilot 10 active light (DMX) and has 40 DC outputs .
If present the mains voltage , it autoset on the detected frequency to operate with AC headlights.

Controller per

Luca Borgia

Luca Borgia.
Passionate about new technologies, especially electronics and programming for today then become designer. After a degree in electrical engineering, different experiences in the electronics industry, especially related to the naval and home automation industry. Currently in the process of creating his own company that you feel at technology and innovation it is to fight with the many challenges that involve every day a maker.

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