Exhibitors 2016



opencare starts from the assumption that state and private institutions will be unable to meet the demands for care in the 21st century and that new, more open, participatory, community-based methods are required.

We will:

-involve citizen and communities through open discussion, both online and offline.
-organize codesign sessions
-augment them with state-of-the-art maker technology (3D printing, laser cutting, biohacking…)



WeMake | fablab makersapace: is based in Milan (Italy) and provides a series of innovative services and training to the creative community of the region in the field of digital and traditional manufacturing, high-value technologies and access to a fully equipped Fab Lab. We foster the development of a new model of designer-producer (maker) and small-scale company by facilitating the engineering phase, the rapid iteration of design solutions, the on-demand production of physical/digital artifacts.

  D7 (pav. 6)
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