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STARSLIDER - Move The Stars
STARSLIDER - Move The Stars

STARSLIDER - Move The Stars

STARSLIDER is a motion control system that creates smooth rotating or sliding camera movements for camera operators. It is affordable, flexible, and easy to use for both professionals and aspirant enthusiasts. Designed with video/photo production needs in mind, Starslider allows its user to create up to 30 different configuration thanks to the distinct plug and play model. In addition, the Starslider can be controlled by an accompanying mobile app that allows the configuration of preset, timelapse and more, or controlled by a wireless controller that permits a perfect manual control.

STARSLIDER - Move The Stars


Repstar is an independent company focused on design and prototyping. We aim to become an ideal design studio for Italian companies as well as individual entrepreneurs with innovative ideas.
The team consists of three designers and one engineer. Skills and passions merge to originate quality products.
Since 2015, Repstar has been specializing in the design of videomaking equipments
Presenting our first product: Starslider.

  C21 (pav. 7) - REPSTAR

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