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Based on years of research that demonstrates the impact of sound on the rhythms of your brain during sleep, we’ve built the first active wearable that precisely understands and improves the quality of your sleep.

Understanding your sleep accurately is the first step towards enhancing it. And the most accurate way to understand sleep is by measuring one’s brain activity (EEG). The Dreem headband acquires and analyzes this activity and our Dreem App gives you a meaningful and clear understanding of your sleep when you wake up.
By using sound stimulations at precise moments that sync with your brain activity, we enhance the quality of your sleep during the most critical stage of your sleep - deep sleep.
Knowing your precise sleep patterns means you’ll never be interrupted during any of your key sleep stages. Your Dreem headband does this exceptionally well. Just set your alarm time and leave it to the headband to gently wake you up at the ideal time. A time that is in tune with your body so that you wake up refreshed and charged for another day.


Hugo Mercier & Quentin Soulet de Brugière

Hugo Mercier, graduate from Berkeley, University of California, and Ecole Polytechnique in Paris, is a young entrepreneur (23 years old) specialized in mathematics and big data. Passionate about unlocking the brain’s potential, Hugo has assembled the most respected specialists in neuroscience and hardware to start Rythm in July 2014. Today, thanks to Hugo's vision, Rythm is now made of 50 talents, working between Paris and San Francisco, backed by Laurent Alexandre and Xavier Niel with a funding of $11M. What we do? We develop the first active sleep wearable that increases sleep quality.

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