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smartPID Controller
smartPID Controller

smartPID Controller

SmartPID Controller is a professionally engineered Hi-tech temperature controller, packed with lots of functions and features that are not present in other or normal ‘Thermostats’!
SmartPID Controller can control any ‘Processes or Applications’ remotely - by any Internet of Things (IoT) connecting to Web & Smartphone
Multifarious Applications:
- SmartPID Controller has multiple applications especially in temperature control of any gadget with respect to heating and cooling
- Arduino Compatible
- SmartPID Controller Is versatile
- It is flexible and very powerful and can be programmed easily
- SmartPID Controller is a must gadget for Do-It-Yourself Enthusiasts’; Software geeks, Makers, Home-Brewing Community and all others who fall into the category of DIY – Do it Yourself!

smartPID Controller


Arzaman is the founder of one of the small Italian startup companies focusing mainly on the consumer markets by designing and engineering useful electronic gadgets, which play an important role in the daily activities of the consumers.
Their working is very simple but professional. They transform any idea, passion or hobby into a small online and digital business by manufacturing the real products from those prototypes!
ARZAMAN develops innovative hi-tech solutions, by working on specific ideas for a specific hobbyist market. And one such market is ‘Home-brewing’! The reference community is the ‘makers’ and Do It Yourself (DIY) enthusiast! They believe that the products are open source – open Hardware to allow the community to develop and enhance the product!

  A28 (pav. 7) - Arzaman

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