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Droiko is an affordable racing combat toy drone. Race your friends in a RF checkpoint defined racing track. Fight in multiplayer drone battles using their low power lasers or proximity weapons. Play many different games and misions, multiplayer or single player.
Controlled by smartphone or any RC radio transmitter. 15 minutes fligth time, easy replaceable battery for unlimited flights. 100% safe for kids and objects nearby. Fully open source. Focused on teaching about drone developing, both hardware and software. Improve your drone piloting skills. 3D printed customized fuselages.


Cactus Robotics

Cactus Robotics is a new hardware startup based in Alicante, Spain. Founded in March 2016 by Luis Rodenas. Its main interests are drones, robotics, games and coding.
Luis Rodenas is a spanish Aerospace Engineer, graduated at the UPV university in Valencia, Spain. Involved in the drones world since university, where he won the Airbus Helicopters prize to the best university project related to helicopters. He has worked at the UPV as a UAV Research Engineer and at Embention as a UAV Flight Test Engineer. He has been working in Droiko for 2 years now.

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