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Bike Inside cycling wear
Bike Inside cycling wear

Bike Inside cycling wear

BIKE INSIDE ® is a new unconventional Italian clothing brand, born for riders which have a particular taste for exclusivity and high quality products. The concept that is always present in our collections, is the continuous research of something special and very “personal”. Made entirely in Italy, Bike Inside® is a unique and modern concept that will appeal to cyclist who do not want to sacrifice style in their apparel. The ours real made in Italy products are guaranteed to be manufactured with the highest processes and technical standards and materials. Ride in Style!

Bike Inside cycling wear

BIKE INSIDE Cycling Wear

Andrea Franzini - born in1975 - Industrial design, comunication and grafic desgin in Milan I.E.D (Istituto Europeo di Design)
Founder, owen and Designer of Bike Inside cycling wear

  B20 (pav. 8) - Bike Inside cycling wear

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